An English Summer’s Night

Moon, UK, Travel Photography

Just a quick post to say: No. England’s summer has not been amazing this year! However, I just looked out of my kitchen window to this view of the full moon. On the most beautifully clear night, shining over the fields. This made me happy so I ran outside with my Nikon and snapped this shot! 

TravelerUnplugged x 

Mistakes I’ve Made Travelling That You Can Avoid!

Travel, Ocean, UK

For the best part of a decade I have been travelling around the world, and I’ve definitely made some mistakes along the way. I’m not saying I regret decisions I’ve made, I wouldn’t change a thing! However, there are a few situations that I’ve got myself into that I thought I’d shed some light on for all you travellers out there. You can learn from my mistakes! 

So here it is, my top three silly mistakes I have made. I’ve narrowed it down to three but believe me there have been plenty more and I’m sure more to come…

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Lucy Dacus: No Burden, Album of the year

Rolling Stone Magazine put this album by Lucy Dacus on their list of top ten albums of 2016 and I am in total agreement. 

No Burden, Lucy’s debut album was recorded in Nashville, totally raw sound with lyrics I know I can certainly relate to, she sings about life, love, all those things that you and I think about on a daily basis. Her songs accompanied by guitars, some tracks loud, and others acoustic and totally melodic. Give her a listen you won’t regret it!

How To Survive 54-hours In Transit

Transit, Adventure, Central America

My most recent excursion involved travelling to Central America, starting in El Salvador and backpacking my way through Guatemala and Honduras, and finally arriving at Utila Island to get my open water scuba diving certification. What  an incredible experience! However, getting there took a bit of effort. Brisbane to San Salvador: 54 hours in transit. This is why I should never be left in charge of booking flights, and there are a fair few people that will back me on that one.

Repeating history

My older sister Sam and my friend Wade were, shall we say, a bit furious after I booked us flights a few years ago with China Southern back to the UK from Australia…including an 8 hour stopover in Guangzhou, which due to delays turned into 11 hours, and when we finally did reach boarding time our seats had been double booked so we all had to separate.

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