Brighton: Little Slice of Heaven at Home

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I can’t count the number of people that I’ve met on my travel adventures who have said to me “wow you’re from England, I can’t wait to go there one day!” It never really occurs to me that adventure is right on my door step.

A day out in Brighton

Today was spent wandering through the picturesque, sea-side town of Brighton, South of England. It’s one of my favourite places to visit, here you’ll find streets to stroll down with weird and wonderful graffiti while you can explore the countless vintage record stores, get lost for hours in a second hand book shop, sip on coffee in the quaint espresso bars down the famous “North Laine”, lined with op-shops, street stalls, tattoo and piercing shops and all independent stores.

Brighton teahouse tea travel adventure
Enjoying the little things in life – a cute little teahouse down “The Lanes”

I visited last summer and came away with three new tattoos, all hand-poked from a place called Blue Dragon Tattoo. This trip however I managed to resist, but I couldn’t help myself after happening upon a fantastic record store down a cobbled side street, from which I came out with two new vinyls to add to my collection.

Both vinyls are “Foals” albums, one of my favourite British bands out of Oxford, who I first saw play live before they’d even released an album in a dive-bar in Camden, London and have been addicted to ever since. If you haven’t heard them, you must check them out.

Exploring the town

The day ended in a stroll down to the pebble beach and along Brighton’s Pier, the second, the first burnt down and the wreckage can still be seen out at sea. One thing I’ve realised over my years of travelling is that people tend to go as far away from home as possible, out to the unknown, but you can actually find the most beautiful places anywhere in the world.

Like I said, people I meet always want to travel to England and I never really get why, I’d rather go to Asia or the Amazon or somewhere exotic! How many times I’ve walked down this pier? I love it still, watching the world go by and feeling the cold sea spray whilst baking in English sunshine (yes it is very occasionally sunny here!), I realise that I don’t need to go a thousand miles from home to find adventure, its right here, its everywhere and all around us.

Brighton Pier Adventure Travel Photography
Brighton Pier, a little slice of heaven at home


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  1. I just had the same realisation this week about my own country (Canada). Mine is so big and expensive to travel into that it’s hard to justify it sometimes… it’s cheaper for me to fly to England or France than it is to fly to British Columbia from Montreal.

    1. That’s crazy? Where in Canada? That’s next on my list but its so big I don’t know where I’d start!

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