To Perth and beyond!

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Today I booked my flight to travel Perth, leaving London in a couple of weeks and heading over to the other side, ready for the next adventure. One way flight, nothing but my backpack as always and excited for another trip!

As always I acted very spontaneously and made this decision and before I’d managed to book my flight (actually the last second before) my trusty travel agent (aka my best friend Ben) found a different flight, much cheaper, better airline, shorter flights, all round just a much more pleasant journey.

I’ve been traveling for 8 years and still can’t manage to book my own flights…there’s no hope!

My last trip was from Brisbane to El Salvador in Central America. Total time in transit: 54 hours. I repeat, no hope!

Thanks Ben! See you soon Australia!

Travelling on the spur of the moment, unplanned and unprepared. Total freedom

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