About Traveller Unplugged

The Traveller Unplugged is just that; the lost traveller, the traveller away from society and ‘the norm’. I must admit that this traveller is not particularly well organised and is not here to advise you on how best to travel, how to save your money, how to pack efficiently, where to visit or the most efficient way of getting there. No, this traveller is me: unplugged and unapologetic. I am here to share with you all the ridiculous situations that I have managed to find myself in all over the world. The mad adventures, the bizarre activities, the strange people I’ve met, the atrocious food I’ve eaten, the awkward moments I’ve had to endure and the uncomfortable journeys I’ve embarked on.

My wish is to share these stories with you, not so that you can avoid making the same mistakes I have (because I don’t regret a moment), but so that you can discover that, yes, the world is slightly terrifying, but with the right attitude the scary things in life can be the most exciting, and the infuriating moments might in fact be, well, just hilarious. The trickiest times make for the best stories. An old professor of mine once said to me: “If you were just perfect at everything straight away, life would be so boring”. So I’ve carried on, a struggling traveller for the past eight years, making mistakes, not always learning from them, but enjoying life as I go. Please promise to learn nothing from this blog, and have as much if not more fun than me in making your own mistakes and writing your own story. To quote Jack Dawson in Titanic (no judgement, please), ‘life is what you make it’. Go forth!


Travelling on the spur of the moment, unplanned and unprepared. Total freedom

I'd love to hear any comments or feedback, thanks guys!

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