Backpacking blind drunk through Europe

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May 7th, the third day into my Europe InterRail trip, I got blind drunk. And I mean that. Literally.

I woke up (after a particularly heavy night of drinking) in my dorm room at the Monkey Hostel in Lagos, Portugal. I vaguely remember spending an amount of time at The Jam, a local bar at which, every hour or so, the bar tender would pour a little gasoline into a groove running along the bar top and everyone would celebrate with a shot (naturally)!

Of course this being the first place I ventured this evening, things escalated and I woke up the following morning (not feeling 100% by any means), scrambled around for my glasses and put them on only to find my left eye still a touch blurry.

“That’s bizarre”, I said to Liss (my now ex-girlfriend). “Did I shot tequila through my eye last night? Have I gone blind?”

“No, stop being over dramatic” she replied still half asleep. “Just try your contact lenses”

Fine. I did. Left eye still blurry. How very peculiar. I tried again, new lenses, tried cleaning my glasses, tried resting my eyes for a while. Nothing, blurry eye.


“It’ll clear up don’t worry”. Liss the optimist. “Don’t google it!” (me the serial self-diagnoser).

To this day my left eye is ever so slightly poorer in sight than my right. Blind drunk.


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  1. It’s an awfully good thing I don’t know about all the ghastly things that happen when they are happening – your Mother (serial worrier!)

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